How to recognize

The Batiks manufacture is a hand-dyed technique of natural weaves like cotton or silk. Its peculiarity consists of having one part of the wave covered by a mixture of beeswax and paraffin. With the mixture they draw spots and lines. This layer protects the spaces that they do not to dye. In the rest of the wave, they use different tones of vegetable dyes. Later, they remove the beeswax with hot water, they spread it to the spaces already dyed that they want to protect and soak the weave with other colours.

This selective process of dyeing can be repeated a lot of times overlaying different colours and giving a very flashy appearance.

As a result of this process, we can distinguish a genuine Batik from others of industrial manufacture: the authentic Batik has drawings on both sides so we can use any of them. Besides, the printing process gives them a characteristic and pleasant beeswax smell.

During the print process, the Batiks are pinned in stretchers so they may have very small nails marks. It is also possible they may have a bit irregular fringes but, in any case, it shows the hand-made origin of the Batiks.